Vivid Pointe


Ballerina’s Graceful Goodbye



The world of ballet is a world of passion, beauty, and dedication. It is a place where dancers pour their hearts and souls into their craft, pushing themselves to the limits of their physical and emotional capabilities. The final performance of a ballerina is a momentous occasion that marks the end of a long and grueling journey filled with endless rehearsals, strict diets, and countless injuries.

The contemporary sculpture of a brass ballerina shoe, flower bunch, and blossoms captures the essence of this moment. The brass color represents the beauty of the ballerina’s performance, while the flowers symbolize the appreciation and rewards that the dancer deserves for her hard work and dedication.

However, the cracks on the surface of the sculpture serve as a poignant reminder of the pain and sacrifice that ballet dancers endure as they perfect their craft. Despite the constant strain on their bodies, it is this very pain that fuels their passion and dedication.

The flowers that adorn the sculpture hold a special significance in the world of ballet. They represent the hard work and dedication that the dancer has put into her craft and the love and respect that the audience has for her talent and artistry. The act of throwing flowers at the end of a ballerina’s final performance is a symbolic gesture that has been a tradition for years.

The sculpture freezes the ballerina’s final performance in time, capturing the beauty and grace of ballet, and a testament to the hard work and sacrifice that goes into achieving such a level of excellence. It serves as a reminder to all who view it that even in the midst of pain and hardship, beauty and artistry can still flourish and shine.


Height: 60 cm

Width:  25 cm

Depth:  18 cm



Stainless steel, Brass, and Clear lacquer coated


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